The Communicative Brain

The Communicative Brain group is funded by a Minerva Fast Track Fellowship, awarded by the MPG, as well as the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. The group is part of the Neurobiology of Language department.

The goal of the Communicative Brain group is to understand how the brain integrates auditory and visual signals into a coherent message during multimodal, face-to-face interactions. The core theory we want to test is whether and how oscillatory neural activity plays a role in integrating these different sources of information within and between conversational partners.

We will investigate this using new cutting-edge techniques, including dual-EEG, MEG, rapid invisible frequency tagging, and detailed behavioural analyses of auditory and visual signals in interactive contexts.


Principal investigator

Linda Drijvers


Noor Seijdel


Sara Mazzini

Marlijn ter Bekke

Miguel Rubianes Mendez (visiting)

Veerle Wilms

Cecilía Hústa

Master/Bachelor students

Athanasis Athanasiou

Noortje Akkermans

Almut Jebens

Florence Bonten

Daan van Oosten

Lina van Otterdijk


Hanne van Uden
Veerle Wilms
Gaby Voorbraak
Kirstin Bleumink